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I found a bug

When disk is full - Lubuntu 13.10 can't load.

I went to Ubuntu page on Launchpad to search this "bug" but didn't find this "bug". I push button "Report a bug", but I see this help wiki page, not the interface of "bug" submitting. Maybe I need to do something to get access of posting "bug reports"?

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It sends you there so that you can create a bug report properly - the information to do so is in the wiki page. help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs#Reporting_a_Bug It's not a bug however - if the drive is full then you need to deal with that. –  Elfy Oct 25 '13 at 7:22
But if the drive is full I can't remove anything if my computer can't boot. Your link - Reporting an application crash - it is not this situation - if I can't boot my system I can't do anything. –  Vitaly Zdanevich Oct 25 '13 at 7:57
I fix this problem - I loaded from LiveUSB with Lubuntu and deleted one folder of 50 mb - after this I can normally start my PC, but I need post this issue like a bug somewhere? –  Vitaly Zdanevich Oct 25 '13 at 10:04
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Ubuntu uses Launchpad to keep track of bugs and their fixes. This page will guide you through the steps required to file a good and detailed report.

Read this article on how to report a bug, and test if that is really a bug.

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This page describe how to send bug report from running system, but how I can send bug report from system that can't boot? –  Vitaly Zdanevich Oct 25 '13 at 9:04
You should have mentioned it in your question. –  Aatish Sai Oct 25 '13 at 9:33
And also if a system does not boot how do you expect it to connect to internet and send report? Is that even possible just think. –  Aatish Sai Oct 25 '13 at 9:34
I thought that I can just write this bug from another PC. –  Vitaly Zdanevich Oct 25 '13 at 9:56
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