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I am using Ubuntu Studio 13.04 64bit on a PC with the following specs:

  • CPU: intel i5
  • GPU: Nvidia geforce 310M 1GB
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Model ASUS A42J Laptop (Notebook)

What happens is I start the update from the notification saying "Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander has been released" it opens the distribution upgrade program and it downloads the packages just fine. I had the terminal open thankfully so i can tell you exactly what it was doing. In the text above the loading bar it said that it was installing fonts, but in the terminal it said that it was installing a package by the name of "tumbler" i don't know if that is a font but nevertheless that is what was happening. The window goes completely grey except for the panel (the panel where i close/minimize it) this happened to me earlier too but It completely crashed ubuntu and i was forced to completely reinstall it. now I am scared to reboot because it will obviously happen again and im afraid I really am not in the mood to do it again tonight. Is there a safe way to go back and try to upgrade again? Should I wait a while and assume it is still running the process and the gui just crashed? Because i tried to run a package update and it said another process was using it. Please answer as soon as you see this because I really wanna fix this before i have to shutdown my PC. will update this question if i get anything new


i managed to close the process and started it again with a message asking if i want to do a partial upgrade i did it and i am now waiting for an outcome. Still cant lock the dpkg folder from apt-get upgrade or update!


I killed the dpkg process completely and i am now reconfiguring it if this works I will try everything again, if it works I will answer this myself


ok so it was a partial success i was able to get access to dpkg again but i am not sure if it is safe to reboot or upgrade again. Surprisingly enough it appears as though the upgrade has finished because the running process is "saucy" which is 13.10. I will run some more tests to make sure.


CHEERS this was a total success! after I killed the dpkg process and ran [sudo dpkg --configure -a] in terminal and ran the updates and upgrades again it was a success

I will leave this here for anyone who wants to give a better answer or had the same problem


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