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I had problem of speed of wifi in Ubunut 13.04. I changed the network manager and installed WICD instead. But WICD didn't showed any network. SO I also uninstalled that before installing another suitable manager. Now I am not able to connect to internet. I tried to connect to the internet from the terminal, but failed there.

I downloaded two packages on another pc which are:

1: network-manager-dbg_0.9.8.0-0ubuntu6_amd64.deb.

2: network-manager-gnome_0.9.8.0-1ubuntu2_amd64.deb.

But that didn't installed and it gives and error of unmet dependencies. So any can suggest how to install them from terminal without internet acces. The network-manager-gnome depends on the 1st one.

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If the speed/bandwidth of wifi was slow, wouldn't that be a hardware problem. Or it may be some driver issue. Can any one help please. I have tried to install ubuntu more than two times. 12.04 LTS also has many issues on my laptop. Any comments... –  Zuhran Nov 2 '13 at 4:55

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