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To what format and how can I convert HTML file in order to translate it with Lokalize application?

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You can also use the xml2po tool to convert the HTML page to a .po or .pot file in gettext format, which you can then load and translate with Lokalize. Once translated, you can use the same tool to build the translated HTML pages. There are a couṕle of examples of invokation when you call the xml2po --help command.

You'll need to install the gnome-doc-utils package to use the xml2po tool

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You can use OmegaT for translating those kind of files.

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You have to create a project in Lokalize and add the HTML file to this project. Lokalize should create a PO file yet it did not work on my computer.

Lokalize uses the poxml package for this task so you can convert your HTML to PO with the xml2pot/transxx/po2xml commands.

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