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Since upgrading to Natty graphic performance has been absolutely terrible despite having decent system specs. I'm willing to buy a new card if it will make the interface fast again. Can someone suggest a card that will perform well and be totally compatible out of the box with Natty?

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It would help if you mentioned what card you have now, maybe it's a configuration problem we can fix. – Jorge Castro Apr 22 '11 at 20:10
Hey, it's an onboard ATI 4250. Worked great with 10.10, very fast compiz effects, with 11.04 has been terrible. – Ben Apr 23 '11 at 12:34
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If you want a truly "Out of the box" experience you should buy any Intel Graphics Adapter (this also applies if you don't like proprietary drivers).
If you prefer a bit more performance and accept an "Out of the box in the second attempt" experience you should consider buying a Nvidia or ATI card (the only thing needed here is to install the proprietary driver on the first start).
In my experience a Pentium IV 2800MHz with 1GB of ram and a Nvidia 6200 AGP works smoothly with Natty (as you can see it's a five/six year old computer).

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Simply look for nVidia cards because they are a lot better supported. You'll get better experience and drivers will be more commonly updated. I have ATI and i am not happy..ever.

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