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I'm trying to copy my partitions to another hard disk so that I can break the RAID 0 that my laptop came with. I'm using gparted. There's a 40mb partition in the beginning of the hard disk (raid array) that is formatted as FAT16, has the flag diag and I believe has the DELL diagnostic utility that one can run at boot.

I get the following libparted message after the last step, which is grow the file system to fill the partition:

File system doesn't have expected sizes for Windows to like it. Cluster size is 2k (1k expected); number of clusters is 20017 (39957 expected); size of FATs is 79 sectors (157 expected).

Is this safe to ignore? I would like to have the diagnostic utility available after I restore the partitions back. If my understanding of the issue is correct, is there a way to tell gparted to use the correct cluster size, or is there a not-too-complicated way of copying just this partition manually? To be safe, I want to preserve as much of the file system as possible.

In case it's relevant, the destination disk is an external 1TB hdd, and the raid also has total size 1TB.

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