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So for some reason the last couple of days, whenever I launch the chromium browser, it always opens to the ubuntu one music store web app. I have completely uninstalled ubuntu one,purged chromium twice and reinstalled it.

I can open it from the terminal by using chromium-broswer, I locked that iteration to the launcher, but when I close it and reopen it, it launches as the music webapp.

It's really annoying. Any ideas on how to fix it?

I'm running 13.10.

EDIT some clarification.

Chromium does not open a regular browser window, it opens the the ubuntu one music webapp. No page tabs or anything. just the web app. This only happens when launching it from the Unity Dock. If I launch from the terminal it works fine, but if I close it and reopen it from the dock it takes me to the webapp.

It will also open correctly from cairo dock. It's just an issue with the unity dock.

here is a screenshot of the webapp

that's after I opened chromium browser NOT the music webapp.

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Did you make sure your Chromium homepage isn't set to – James Fu Oct 24 '13 at 2:03

I had nearly the same problem, but only it was with Chromium and the Gmail web app, which required a little more work to correct. Also, I use unity-tweak-tool, which I used while fixing this. I don't know if it is necessary or related, but I include that info just in case. Note: I'm not an Ubuntu/Linux expert and perhaps there's a better solution or certain steps I didn't need to take, but found that this worked after trying the answer above a couple of times. Hopefully it helps others. Here's what I did:

  1. rm all .desktop files which mention Chromium or Google from ~/.local/share/applications (Somehow I had 3 of these! Leaving ANY of them caused the issue to persist on reinstallation.)

  2. Completely uninstall chromium-browser and unity-scope-chromiumbook

  3. Edit mimeapps.list to remove any mentions. I changed mine to firefox.desktop. Not doing this caused the chromium issue to continue after reinstallation.

  4. In unity-tweak-tool under the Search tab click "Clear History". (I'm not totally sure it's needed, but I wanted to purge every possible mention I could think of. I was frustrated and needed to get back to work!)

  5. Now install chromium-browser and unity-scope-chromiumbook. Everything should be clean and back to normal.

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After several hours, I was able to figure out how to fix it.

For anyone else who might encounter this problem this is what I did:

Somehow chromium had been linked to a .desktop file that always pointed it to the ubuntu one music webapp. I purged chromium for the 3rd time tonight, deleted that .desktop file in ./local/share/applications and reinstalled chromium. It now works perfectly.

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