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I installed Ubuntu alongside Windows 8.1 over an usb drive on my laptop. At first I had problems with the boot selection menu and I fixed it with EasyBCD. Now when I boot up my laptop it takes me to chose Windows 8.1 or Ubuntu. I press Ubuntu and it takes me to the grub menu. Now I chose there ubuntu 12.04 and it starts to boot for few seconds and then my screen goes black and nothing happens. A few seconds later I hear like short error noise and still nothing happens.

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i installed windows 8.1 then ubuntu with option install ubuntu alongside windows...as i sad in my question when installation of ubuntu was winished i click on restart and my lap top boots directly in to windows then i downloaded easybcd and added entry with options grub2 and automaticly lock and load that helped me to start grub2 on start up and now when i select ubuntu to boot nothing happens just black screean and as i said after few secs some error sound or idk this is my first use of ubuntu so i dont know the sounds. –  Alexandar Oct 24 '13 at 7:23

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