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I am trying to install Ubuntu from USB, I can use my mouse properly but I can't use my K8100 Gigabyte Keyboard. So I can't enter my wifi pass for installing most things, I can't make a user/password to actually use it.

Any help? I hear this is a common problem

  • Installing to a second spare drive

It's driving me nuts - I tried to set it to IBUS but it does nothing. - Using USB 2.0 instead of 3.0

So in short, Can't install or type anything due to keyboard problems.

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doing a quick search, it appears that this is a gaming keyboard with alot of optional keys, it might be that it will not work until after the install(maybe?) will it work in the live session, if so it should work after the install, if no then it may or may not. If it works in the live session(Try Ubuntu) then you might use a vanilla keyboard to install. You could still use a vanilla keyboard if it does not work "Live" but it would be a crap shoot if it will work once installed(with less than 50% odds at my guess) –  TrailRider Oct 23 '13 at 20:46
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