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I was wondering if there is any software for monitor calibration available for ubuntu? Like the tools they have available for TVs, when you first buy them.

I would especially appreciate answers with one click calibration for color, contrast and brightness. I know these are available on the monitors themselves, but I hate clicking around. Anything specific for users with nvidia cards?

Please and thank you.

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What exactly do you mean by monitor calibration? It's impossible to calibrate a monitor with software alone, you need a color measuring instrument for that (which is an rather expensive tool).

If you really want to calibrate your monitor, there is GNOME Color Manager Install GNOME Color Manager and the commandline tool ArgyllCMS Install Argyll (the former uses the latter for doing the actual calibration).

GNOME Color Manager shows up in the system configuration as "Color Profiles" (or something similar translated in your language).

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nvidia-settings may be what you're looking for. In particular the X Server Color Correction section. It's available in the repos

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