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Ok First of I am new on here so bear with me please :)

I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 13.10 64bit over a previous windows 8 machine. Everything was fine until I tried to install AMD drivers for my HD7770. I did a lot of research and reinstalls ;) trying to get the most out of my graphics card. I stumbled across an answer on here (363125) and followed the instructions. Voila!! My fglrx drivers installed and I was getting much better performance out of my Graphics card.

Now the issue is it take over 2 minutes to boot up and I have some screen tearing when the unity desktop starts up (Flashing a black band across the bottom part of the screen). I have an i5 2500k processor and 8 gb mem on a 1 TB drive (SATA) which is entirely dedicated to linux.

Please help - Will provide all the info as requested.

And thank you in advance.

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