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Everytime i type juju bootstrap .Error no default environment found keeps showing up. I was trying to configure maas.

This is my environments.yaml

juju: environments
type: maas
maas-server: 'http://{my ip address}:80/MAAS'
maas-oauth: 'c2cg7hTpzFuRmJjrBC:YH2ZEXVRKL46ttaDmq:beKeBjhYgWyxKk2gqqwaCx97xnmp4LJu'
admin-secret: 'nothing'
default-series: 'precise'
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Even with only one environment specified in environments.yaml, you still need to specify a default environment for juju to use.

You have 2 options to specify a default environment:

  1. Using default: <name>, usually at the top of environments.yaml, without indentation (in your case, you'll need default: maas).
  2. Using juju switch <name> on the command line (e.g. juju switch maas).

I hope this helps.

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