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I just wanna ask how to open the default folder again of my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

This is what happened:

  • First, I connected the USB Plug.

  • The tab says: "connected as a media device", but it opens with Rythmbox. I want to open it on the exact folder like "Playlists" "Pictures" "Videos", but when I plug the USB, the Rythmbox quickly appears.

How do I do it again? I'm not really familiar with Ubuntu because I got used on Windows.

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  1. On your Samsung phone, before to connect it to your PC, go to MenuSettingsWireless and networkUSB utilities.
  2. Tap on Connect Storage to PC.
  3. Connect the USB cable to your PC.
  4. Tap on Connect USB storage.
  5. Use Nautilus - the default file manager in Ubuntu - to view/copy/paste files from your phone.
  6. Once finished, tap on Disconnect storage from PC to disconnect and unmount drive from Ubuntu.


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