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I'm almost finished with this process of tethering my phone to my laptop from this guide http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1941773 however I can't get nautilus to provide an open in terminal command when i right click on the node folder that I need to access in the terminal.

I can get the option to open the tether folder in terminal, but not the subfolder inside of it titled "node"

If someone could help me to get nautilus to open the node folder in the terminal for me or if someone could show me how to manually open this node folder that'd be great. And for some reason I can only manage to look at the tether's sub folders from the archive manager and not from the file viewer itself where the open in terminal option would be available.

Also trying to extract anything I always get "An error occured while extracting files." "Error setting owner: Operation not permitted"

I'm currently running ubuntu 3.10 if that helps. Thank you for your time!

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