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I am using xubuntu 13.04 with a dualmonitor setup. (external monitor as primary, laptop als secondary) I am using xandr to makeup my monitorsetup. However I recognized that the xubuntu panel on the top by default will always be placed on the laptop monitor. I know that i can move the panel via the panel preferences. This works. But i want to somehow either let it move automatically to the right monitor (the primary one) or to move it with a terminal command (so i can create a script which takes care of moving the panel to the primary monitor)...

any ideas?

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Please post your xrandr call. The --primary call might be missing. – aquaherd Oct 23 '13 at 18:27

Try this How can I make xrandr customization permanent? There are several ways to do that. First write a arandr script, second have the script start after login. Follow the thread, there are more than 1 solution. The last one seems easy enough.


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