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I have successfully implement OAuth Authorization with Ubuntu One in Django,

Here are my views and models:

Right now, I can use the file_storage ubuntu api, for example the following, will ask if Path exists, then create the directory, and then get the information on the created path to probe is created.

>>> user.oauth_access_token.get_file_storage(volume='/~/Ubuntu One', path='/Websites/')
<Response [404]>
>>> user.oauth_access_token.put_file_storage(volume='/~/Ubuntu One', path='/Websites/', data={"kind": "directory"})
<Response [200]>
>>> user.oauth_access_token.get_file_storage(volume='/~/Ubuntu One', path='/Websites/').json()
{u'content_path': u'/content/~/Ubuntu One/Websites',
 u'generation': 10784,
 u'generation_created': 10784,
 u'has_children': False,
 u'is_live': True,
 u'key': u'MOQgjSieTb2Wrr5ziRbNtA',
 u'kind': u'directory',
 u'parent_path': u'/~/Ubuntu One',
 u'path': u'/Websites',
 u'resource_path': u'/~/Ubuntu One/Websites',
 u'volume_path': u'/volumes/~/Ubuntu One',
 u'when_changed': u'2013-10-22T15:34:04Z',
 u'when_created': u'2013-10-22T15:34:04Z'}

So it works, it's great I'm happy about that. But I can't share a folder.

My question is? How can I share a folder using the api?

I found no web api to do this, the Ubuntu One SyncDaemon tool is the only mention on solving this But I'm reluctant to maintain a DBUS and a daemon in my server for every Ubuntu One connection I have authorization for.

Any one have an idea how can I using a web API to programmatically share a folder? even better using the OAuth authorization tokens that I already have.

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You cannot share folders via the REST API. The API doesn't exist. You can only share individual files via public URLs via the REST API.

You also won't be able to use DBus with the client daemon to do it either, as a means to implementing folder sharing on your server. The client daemon does not support multiple users, and is not meant to be run on a server at all.

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"You can only share individual files via public URLs via the REST API", How? I didn't see this api method – Mario César Oct 22 '13 at 15:59
See the PUT at for changing files. – dobey Oct 22 '13 at 19:49

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