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I have a school issued laptop running Windows 7 on which I cannot install anything or run .exe.

Apart from just using a USB, any recommendations for syncing text files or am I dreaming?

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First: Do you have any sort of compiler on it? There is one, called Windows Power Shell, that comes integrated with Windows, some editions at least. You may learn it and create a script. Second: you may use Windows Shared folder and Samba on Linux. After connection, you may use rsync on Linux to pull the data over network to your Linux machine. Third: Boot that laptop from LiveUSB and do what you want.

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+1 for the LiveUSB. Even thought most schools would frown upon that, it appears to be the best (In my opinion) option here. – James Apr 22 '11 at 12:36

You can give a try to services like Ubuntu One or Dropbox, you don't have to install anything if you cannot and your files are always accessible from the http interface.

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As said Chris-Top, you can use Dropbox to sync your files between your two computers. You just have got to install the client application on both, or just on one of the two: you'll be able to open and edit your files ont the Dropbox website (

The free account gives you 2 Gb of web space, you can buy some Premium accounts to increase this space (

Good luck ! =P

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