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I'm sorry if it is possibly a double post, but I could not find a solution anywhere. I have tried over and over again to install Nvidia driver on my Ubuntu 13.10 laptop, considering that it should be fairly easy with optimus (and considering that I never succeeded using bumblebee), but once I install them and restart the machine, there are A LOT of system errors and the visual effects are completely gone (even though the system recognizes my exact graphic card) And I have to install them because if I don't my PC overheats..

what can I do?

The command I used is:

sudo apt-get install nvidia-319 nvidia-settings-319 nvidia-prime

and after that it all goes to waste.

Thanks in advance for your attention.

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13.10 comes with official bumblebee support. Go to software center and search bumblebee. enter image description here After installing this click in more info and check all 3 add-ons then click apply changes.enter image description here After that your bumblebee is installed with nvidia driver.

Now If you want to configure Bumblebee indicator then Follow these:

Install Git:

sudo apt-get install git

Make a directory for git:

mkdir git and cd git

Check out the repository:

git clone
cd bumblebee-ui
sudo ./INSTALL

Go to Startup Applications and add /usr/local/bin/bumblebee-indicator

Now reboot again.

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