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I'm following a lot of tutorials but nothings work with me.

So my question is what I need to have samba services to mount and windows shared folder?

My last trying is this:

kevin@AnayaNet:~$ smbtree
Enter kevin's password: 
        \\PC01\Documentos c     
        \\PC01\Nueva carpeta    
        \\PC01\IPC$             IPC remota

Then I run this command:

kevin@AnayaNet:~$ sudo mount -t smbfs -o user=administrador,password=Bug.$%10 //PC01/Documentos Desktop/Shared_PC01/

And what I got was this:

mount error: could not resolve address for PC01: Unknown error

Thanks in advanced Linux people.

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It seems that the ip address resolution failed.

you need change PC01 to the ip address of machine on which the samba server runs.

if you want a gui client for samba, you can try nautilus (the default file manager for ubuntu). nautilus supports a variety of remote services, e.g. smb, afp, sftp, ssh, davs, dav, ftp.

open "Connect to Server" dialog from nautilus menu. and type the server address, e.g. smb:// (or smb://shared,if you have set up your hosts file or dns server)

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