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I dual boot with windows 7 and used to have ubuntu 13.10 but had some errors so I uninstalled ubuntu deleted the ubuntu system and wiped the logical drive I had ubuntu on.

But I still wanted ubuntu so I got the windows installer and did the same setup I did before got 12.04 on my system. Then when I upgraded to 12.10 it has happened 3 times now that after all updates are installed and told to restart I reboot a black terminal looking screen where I cannot input anything. There was a screen once that gave me a choice of S to skip and M to manually recover but it doesn't appear any more. I think it had something to do with a wubildr missing but I didn't get to read the page cause it flashed it before I understood it wasn't the normal ubuntu load page.

I am pretty novice with ubuntu and still learning all the commands.

Help Please.

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