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New release of Ubuntu is just out and before upgrading to the new release, you want to check if repo sources that you have in /etc/apt/sources.list.d have added support for the said Ubuntu release

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Here's a simple script to simplify the task


echo "Checking support for $release"
awk '/^deb / { print FILENAME, $2 }' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.list | \
    while read -r filename uri; do
        found=$(curl -I $uri/dists/$release/ 2>&1 | grep -Fc 'HTTP/1.1 200 OK')
        if [[ $found -eq 1 ]]; then
            [[ "$uri" == *launchpad* ]] && result="Nope" || result="Not sure"
        printf "%-50s : %s\n" ${filename##*/} "$result"


Checking support for saucy
dropbox.list                                       : Not sure
google-chrome.list                                 : Not sure
me-davidsansome-clementine-raring.list             : Nope
shutter-ppa-raring.list                            : Found
spotify-stable.list                                : Not sure
tor.list                                           : Found
transmissionbt-ppa-raring.list                     : Found
tsbarnes-indicator-keylock-raring.list             : Nope
ubuntu-wine-ppa-raring.list                        : Found
yorba-ppa-raring.list                              : Nope

Some repos, unlike repos hosted on launchpad.net, for example spotify repo (http://repository.spotify.com/dists/) do not contain ubuntu release specific dirs in their /dists uri path but instead generically named dir like stable, unstable or all to serve packages for multiple Ubuntu releases and also some other debian-based distros. In this case, there's no quick way to be sure if they have support for the ubuntu release that you're checking for. So for these repos that's why you're seeing Not sure in the output.

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