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Just bought a new pc. It has the specs that are shown in the picture: Lavalys Everest

Whatever I tried (alternate CD-/ROMs, DVDs, USB Pendrive etc.), it just runs into a grub shell where it stops.

For testing, I already tried openSUSE.

Any idea what this could be? Any idea how to debug it? I already tried different settings in the bios of which i know that they could make some trouble. Without success...

PS: I'm currently trying around again... and I found out that gentoo's install live-cd seems to boot. Nothing special there. Just strange that Ubuntu, the "it runs everywhere" just doesn't do anything.

Edit2: Finally I managed to install and boot an ArchLinux. Though I'd prefer Ubuntu, if someone is interested in the answer, I can post what I've found here. Won't close yet.

Many thanks and regards!

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Are you booting into 10.10. Dont think your " turks " video card will play nice with that. Thats my hunch. maybe natty will boot well. –  tinhed Apr 24 '11 at 16:31
Thanks tinhed. Yes i was trying to. Even though I tried to start from the 11.04 beta, same result. For sure I'll try as soon as 11.04 is out. –  Atmocreations Apr 24 '11 at 19:40
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