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After a recent update my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS now powers off the monitor after 10 minutes of idle time. The power setting are set to "never" shut down. This update was sent out today also mess other things up as well, but I'm more concerned with this one right now. It is obvious to me the update changed my configuration file and the GUI is no longer writing to it.

Basic Question: Where can I find the actual configuration file, and how do I manually set it to "never" turn off? I will be marking the config file as "read only" afterward to prevent it from being overwritten again in the future, by another update or installation.

It is probably more annoying for me because I have two PCs on the same monitor on different inputs. When it powers it off, it reverts to the other one. So, moving the mouse doesn't bring it back up, I have to switch the input back on the monitor.

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see my answer in this question: askubuntu.com/questions/216783/… –  chaos Oct 22 '13 at 10:25

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