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I installed Ubuntu (Xubuntu to be precise), about a week later Windows 7 had trouble writing to one of my partitions. I ran chkdsk /f from Windows and everything worked again. About five days later I try to mount the same partition and Ubuntu says it is corrupted. Windows show only bootsqm.dat.

Everything I lost is backed up, so I don't really care about any recovery and I could reformat the partition and restore easy enough, but then I wouldn't have learned anything:)

If there are logs on Windows/Ubuntu that I could look through to make sure this doesn't happen again that would be awesome.

My System Setup:

  • MS-DOS Partition Table with two primary partitions and an extended partition. The one I have been having problems with is "Cloud"
  • Windows - Primary
  • Xubuntu - Primary
  • Storage - Logical on Extended
  • Cloud - NTFS Logical on Extended (Where I keep my Google Drive folder)
  • Note: no Swap


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This is surely that your hard disk is failing. No other reason can damage both operative systems. Do a back up of your data and buy a new hard drive.

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