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I have an idea for a product that would utilize an Ubuntu Private Cloud that would take advantage of both JuJu and the OpenStack APIs. The problem is, while I know quite a bit about server administration at the bare-bone level, I don't know much about building and running a cloud. Where are some good resources about this -- from setup/configuration to hardware requirements?

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In terms of general OpenStack resources, the OpenStack Docs are a great reference for installing, configuring and operating an OpenStack Cloud.

The Juju Charm Store as charms for deploying OpenStack - the OpenStack HA reference architecture has some details of how to use these for a full scale, HA deployment, but they can also be used for smaller Juju/MAAS managed deployments.

You can find out more about Juju and MAAS at their respective websites.

#ubuntu-server and #juju on Freenode IRC are good places to ask questions about use of the charms - #openstack for more general OpenStack questions.

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