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I just installed Nuvola Music Player on a just-today reinstallation of Ubuntu 13.10. I was having issues on the previous installation, which was 13.04, and reinstalled the OS.

I was having sound issues before, and I'm having them now as well. Basically, sound works as expected when Nuvola is closed. When it's open, sound plays in Nuvola, but any other application is silent, until I close Nuvola, at which point it works again. It seems to "take over" the sound while it's open.

Anybody else have experience with this problem, or able to offer tips? Alternately (I'm not expecting you to...I've googled it pretty extensively), do you know of another piece of software that will provide a window for Google Play Music?

Relevant info: I'm just using the onboard sound output on my motherboard. It's configured as 5.1, with the appropriate speakers. Regardless of whether Nuvola is active or not, I get sound out of all speakers as expected.

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