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I am an absolute newbie to building and compiling and so the building instructions for [Jot] (https://github.com/QuLogic/jot-lib) are confusing to me. Can anyone figure this out and give me a step by step?

If the link for some reason doesn't work then here is what it says on the site:

jot-lib C++ libraries for 3D graphics, especially NPR

What is this?

This is a fork of the jot-lib library developed at Brown University, Princeton University, and the University of Michigan and released on Google code.

The aim is to get things running on modern compilers, in a 64-bit world, and to remove the cruft of code written long ago. I'm no expert on the theory, so don't expect me to go fixing bugs in any of the algorithms any time soon.

I am currently targeting Linux distributions, but I'm also aiming to make the code more portable where possible.


You will need a C++ compiler, cmake, and development headers for some external libraries:

OpenGL GLUT GLEW libpng Coin3D (optional; used by iv2sm for conversions. Another implementation ofi Open Inventor may also work.) How to build

First run cmake to check for dependencies and set up compilation flags. Then run make to build everything.

$ mkdir build $ cmake .. $ make -j$NUM_PROCS

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