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I am considering helping my friend install Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS on her laptop. Windows 8 is pre-installed (I do not know which version) and my plan is to install 12.04 LTS in dual-boot configuration using advanced installation. I have a few concerns and inquiries as follows:

  1. How to partition the HDD and how to allocate space to each directory mount?
  2. When I searched Windows 8 Ubuntu 12.04 LTS in dual-boot configuration on this site I came across the concept UEFI which I have no idea about. How can UEFI affect the installation procedure?
  3. Should I choose 32-bit or 64-bit version of Ubuntu? Would choosing a 64-bit version yield compatibility issues for drivers etc.? The laptop has 4GB of RAM.
  4. Would choosing a newer edition of Ubuntu be more efficient as an introduction to Ubuntu?

Many thanks for your contribution. Feel free to ask for additional information if needed.

P.S: I have downloaded the iso images for Ubuntu today (21.10.2013) from 1. I have read that UEFI is some kind of successor to BIOS, yet I still do not know how this will affect GRUB2. Also I found info that 12.04.3 LTS has support for UEFI could you verify that?

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Have you seen askubuntu.com/questions/221835/…? –  user68186 Oct 21 '13 at 20:33
I have seen it but failed to interpret it. If Wubi is the Windows installer I will not install Ubuntu in Windows, I will install it after booting the system with the CD inside the tray. –  Vesnog Oct 21 '13 at 21:39
You are right. Wubi won't work. You have to do a full install. The first answer has all the details. Edit your question above for clarifications to the specific parts you are having trouble with. –  user68186 Oct 22 '13 at 2:23
Most of your questions are answered by a bazillion different guides on the net, including questions/answers on this site, such as the one pointed to by user68186. The answers are not easy to summarize, so please refer to existing documentation and ask more specific follow-up questions if you need clarification. For question #3, the answer is "64-bit." A 32-bit version will not install neatly as a dual-boot with a factory installation of Windows 8. –  Rod Smith Oct 22 '13 at 18:14

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