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With a freshly installed ubuntu 12.04 on my dell xps 13,

$ uname -r

On another laptop,

$ uname -r

I wouldn't care if not for that low brightness bug, that is only fixed with 3.2 ... and which makes the laptop pretty useless.

The only hint of reason I can think of that could explain that kernel is that I had to execute boot-repair on my xps (because UEFI mess ...) which asked me to execute some commands .. forgot which ones .. I know I added a PPA ..

OT: I tried 13.10 on my xps, low brightness bug also, plus some indefinable display issue that I can't even google or ask for since it's indefinable.

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12.04.3 fresh updated iso ships with 3.8 kernel,but you can easily revert it back to 3.2

Just remove linux-image-generic and linux-headers-generic packages and install same one,but this time for 3.2 kernel version

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