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I'm currently trying to port Ubuntu Touch to the Galaxy s4 International LTE (GI9505/ jfltexx).

I've come to the point where I need to create a UCM directory but I don't know where and how I should call it. By "looking at /usr/share/alsa/ucm/apq8064-tabla-snd-card/" is the local Ubuntu PC directory or a directory on the downloaded CM meant? Same thing for /proc/asound/cards which should give a hint about what the directory should be called.

0 [PCH            ]: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH
                     HDA Intel PCH at 0xfb200000 irq 51
1 [NVidia         ]: HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia
                     HDA NVidia at 0xfb080000 irq 17

I dont think the directory should be called anything like this.

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Maybe it's a bit late but you can find the /usr/share/alsa/ucm/apq8064-tabla-snd-card/ in the downloadable preinstalled image :)

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