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I have managed to startup a User Mode Linux session (see How to correctly start a Ubuntu user-mode-linux from the command line) although I'm still having an issue on startup I'm able to get networking up and going using the following sequence. My issue is that I'm still missing some step since although I can startup a ssh login session to the UML I'm not able to get logged in. I have tried creating new users within the UML but I'm not able to get past the prompt to login.

On host:
tunctl -u andrew -t tap1
ls -l /dev/net
sudo ifconfig tap1 up
ifconfig –a

linux ubda=nattycow,Ubuntu-Natty-i386-root_fs mem=256M root=/dev/ubda init=/bin/bash umid=natty eth1=tuntap,tap1,FE:F0:00:00:00:01,
getty -8 -n -l /bin/sh 38400 tty2 &
exec /sbin/init

On Terminal #2:
ifconfig –a
sudo ifconfig eth1 up
ifconfig –a
service ssh start

On Host:
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