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Upgraded to Windows 8.1 - now trying to dual-boot with Ubuntu 13.10. When the install routine gets to the what to do part, it says "No recognisable OS found". I hesitate to contine manually, as I don't want Ubuntu to remove the ability to boot into Windows should I require to....

Anyone come across this and is there a fix?

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Your PC might be having fake raid drivers or GPT partitioning.. Check the BIOS and disable the option "Intel Rapid Start" & Intel Rapid Storage. Then again boot into USB with ubuntu and install gparted via software center and check the partitions showing up.

Then I think you can delete the raid drivers by sudo dmraid -rE

Now fire up the installation and it should find the installed OS.

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13.04 recognises Windows 8.1 without changing anything, 13.10 does not - it must be something missing in 13.10.... – Gordon Oct 22 '13 at 6:36

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