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I have enabled my administrative password but when I start my computer and just click on administrator it login in without asking for a password. I want it to be that whenever I start my computer it asks me for password (for the administrator account) before logging in.

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To get started, go to Ubuntu Options at the top right corner and select ‘System Settings..’

enter image description here

Next, click on ‘User Accounts’ to continue.

enter image description here

Then unlock the settings to make changes. Only an administrator or root user can unlock.

enter image description here

After unlocking , change the ‘Automatic Login’ to OFF

enter image description here

Or your can just run the commands below to open lightdm.conf file.

sudo -i gedit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

enter image description here

Then remove the line as highlighted below and save the file.

enter image description here


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