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I installed Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit in Vmware workstation 10 but the shared folder is not working in Ubuntu 13.10,while it works perfectly in Ubuntu 13.04.

I reinstalled Vmware tools several times but it doesn't work.

All other features like drag and drop is working.

Any ideas how to get it working?

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Not much help in this comment, but I use vmware workstation 9 and ubuntu 13.10 without issues. Drag/drop and shared folders all work fine. Maybe a patch/update for Workstation is needed? – FreudianSlip Oct 21 '13 at 7:07

I upgraded 13.04 to 13.10 and was having the same "can't access shared folders" problem.


Found the solution Here.
I had actually previously tried this, but in my previous attempts I was installing Vmware tools 9.2 from a previous version of Vmware.

I re-untarred the Vmware tools from the mounted CD Player | Manage | Re-install VMWare Tools... applied the patch, and ran the installer script in my case: ~/vmware-tools-distrib/
I had to modify the file in the link to point to my paths but once I did that, shared folders started working.

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  1. Install open-vm-tools

    sudo apt-get install open-vm-tools
  2. Create mount point for shared folders

    mkdir /media/SharedFolder
  3. Go to the scripts services directory:

    cd /etc/init.d
  4. Create script to load at the boot time (if you prefer you can use nano instead of vim):

    sudo vim mountshfolder
    # load vmhgfs kernel module
    modprobe vmhgfs
    # mount vmware share folder
    mount -t vmhgfs .host:/<share_folder_name> /media/SharedFolder
  5. Give executable permission to the script:

    sudo chmod a+x mountshfolder
  6. Set the script to be execute for all runlevels:

    sudo update-rc.d mountshfolder defaults

That's all, now at the boot time, your VMware shared folder will be mounted in /media/SharedFolder

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