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I installed a dual boot with 'ReFIT' on my very early intel imac ('7,1')... Ubuntu 13.10 works very well - except, if I let the machine go to suspend, then when I come back from suspend the screen is... milky. That is to say, everything works fine, I can see the screen, but it is like there is a white layer on top of the screen set at about 50% transparent. I don't think that it is brightness, it is that everything is pale.

Apologies, I don't have the machine in front of me, but when I boot up I see a very brief message about the Radeon driver - there is a number and a message to the effect that a ROM is missing.

Maybe I don't need suspend, I am open to suggestions about how to make it so that the computer just powers down nicely if I leave it unattended. But it seems that simply blanking the screen leaves the hard drive spinning and generally things are warm and on...

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bold**NOTE:**bold Just tried peppermint 5 64bit and the problem has seemingly disappeared! The milky screen problem was present for ubuntu, lubuntu, xubuntu, linuzx mint 17 Cinnamon / xfce. –  simon gray Aug 11 at 2:14

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