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I used unity-lens-sshsearch on 12.04, 12.10 and 13.04. But after upgrading to 13.10 it's not working any more. (Super+H does nothing)

As the lens package is not available on 13.10 I installed unity-scope-sshsearch (successor of the lens?) but do not get any results in the dash for query's like user@host, hostname, 192.168... and so on.

My ~/.ssh/config look's like this:

Host user@hostname
User user

Already tried it with a newly created user, still no results.

How is unity-scope-sshsearch intended to work?

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It is meant to list results under the Boxes category and does not have a shortcut key to search explicitly for connections any more. It (at least for me) is not working in this manner either.

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