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I am having an issue with some Linux generated folders on a CIFS network share. This folder is created in linux, but I am unable to delete it from the share from a windows machine. Permissions were set with chmod 777 in linux.

How can I give access to the windows users, without having to "take ownership" from the Windows machine, and give full access rights through windows?

Sorry, a bit of a linux noob here.

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good question. really. – user84277 Oct 20 '13 at 20:16

Windows uses ACLs to represent file permissions. Those are only partly supported in GNU/Linux. Try using the acl utility to find out what permissions are assigned to other files on the network share and try to set the same for your files.

THis is kind of an educated guess, since I have never worked with this myself.

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Well, I mounted the CIFS share in /etc/fstab with UID=1000 and GID=1000. it seems to be working now. To be honest I have no idea. Just did a lot of trial and error.

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