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I use Ubuntu 10.10 on my Asus 1018p. Every few second I heare an clicking noise of my hdd. How can I turn it off?

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That is not from Linux, that sound is when the HDD puts the head into parking position. I don't think, you can turn it off, although disable the "Turn off HDD when possible" tick in System -> Preferences -> Power Management -> Running on Battery, it may help by parking the head fewer.

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That is defenitely from linux. I have dualboot win and ubuntu. This happens only with linux. Power Management doesn't provide Turn off HDD feature. :) – vrcmr Apr 21 '11 at 17:10
@alfalive Note: anti-Windows joke incoming! That is because Windows never stops doing useless things in the background! :D Back to seriousness: for me, in Natty, it is "Spin down hard disks when possible". It should be the same in Maverick. – nickguletskii Sep 14 '11 at 16:57

It might be the speaker. I am having the same problem. Try muting the speaker and if it works then you have the same problems as me. Search for popping noise, crackling noise, speak, power try this. I did not work for me though. Popping noise from laptop speakers

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