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The Dash is overloading me with stuff I don't need, down to the weather and food recipes (?!) when I'm just looking for a file or app. Also I can't figure out how to set it to include music files without getting results from files I don't even have.

Is there a way to go back to how it worked in 13.04, where the app launcher actually launches apps? (So get rid of ALL the filters, especially results that have nothing to do with my computer.)

It also just doesn't seem to work; I go through the list of filters trying to click everything off, but then I type something to search for and it turns it back on?

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First of all, filters and scopes are two different things.

From what you say, it seems your problem is with scopes rather than filters.

To disable them, simply go to Settings, Privacy and security and turn off include online search results.

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