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I am a webmaster of 2 active websites. Every time I start Thunderbird, it downloads all the new messages from the admin mail addresses of these sites - info@site.com, contact@site.com, webmaster@site.com, etc. There are about 20 of them - this includes my personal email accounts.

Now, am not always connected to the internet and there arises cases where I need to access already downloaded mails. Thunderbird then tries to connect to the internet, which it can't coz am offline, and then displays about twenty OSD notifications, one after the other, telling me that connection for each email address has failed. That's frustrating and it really eating me up.

Am looking for a way, either:
1. To tell Thunderbird NOT to connect to the internet when am offline, or
2. To clear all these notifications after like the first one shows.

And if it will help, am using ubuntu 13.04 and Thunderbird 24.0 and I always keep my computer fully updated.
Any help is welcome. Thanxs.

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