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Alright, so I orginally have an Dell Inspiron 17r and came with Windows 8, installed Ubuntu, everything was fine, and then I accidentally made my main hardrive a "swap disc" while installing Ubuntu, which cleared my harddrive, so I reinstalled windows 8, Ubuntu's grub menu was the default to show up upon boot so I could choose what I wanted to load, I decided I wanted to reset my computer to factory settings through Windows 8, now upon restart, all that shows in the grub rescue> prompt and I've already tried to find the Ubuntu partition through the "ls" commands and looking through all of my partitions and it's no where to be found. Now I am constantly at this foresaken prompt and when I try to go into my laptops boot options, nothing happens and continues to send me to the grub prompt, once again, I cannot boot from a disk or usb because I can't even get into my bios to tell my computer to do that.

PLEEASE HELP ME, I'm so unbelievably frustrated and have frantically been looking through forums and nothing has been able to help.

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