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I try to install ubuntu on a Motorola Defy plus, but I do not recognize the device, both in the facility or in the Device unlock.

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error: device not found
ERROR:phablet-flash:Command 'adb shell getprop ' returned non-zero exit status 255
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Did you start the service with "sudo adb start-server"? – nastys Nov 12 '13 at 6:26

It seems that ADB is not detecting the device...

You can try entering "fastboot mode" by turning the device off, holding Vol Up + Power, and then trying phablet-flash.

If this does not work, check your USB cable and research how to place your device into Fastboot mode.


Boot up your phone, enter Settings, enter "Development Menu", and enable ADB. I believe the installer uses Fastboot. If the above method fails, try this way. Also remember that you need your bootloader to be unlocked:

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