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I was upgrading from Ubuntu 13.04 to 13.10 and during the installation Alt + Tab was not working. Downloading packages was over. During Setting Up, I minimised the terminal and after that I could not see the terminal again. Launcher was not working. System remained idle for some time. I shut it down by using power button. Now, when I restarted the system,


  1. Login screen said that I am using Ubuntu 13.10
  2. For sometime after logging in, the screen flashed
  3. Alt+ Tab is not working, Launcher is also not working
  4. If I minimise any window, I cannot open it again
  5. Whenever I run firefox, gvim using terminal, their GUI is OK but terminal outputs some errors
  6. There is no network symbol, date etc.
  7. System is working slow.
  8. System is emitting lot of heat even when only firefox runs.
  9. No data loss during updating.
  10. Ubuntu selection screen shows both Ubuntu and windows 8, but in nautilus, Windows drives are not shown.

Is there any solution to this problem? I tried running sudo dpkg --configure -a, but it didn't solve the problem completely and created new problems. Now, after restart, my keyboard input is in devanagari and not in english.

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