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So, a week ago I installed the latest beta version of Ubuntu Saucy Server in a MacMini using BTRFS as only partition to mount / on it (I know it's not recommended to do this, but it's not the point here) with no problems at all. Everything went just "naturally"...

Now with the released image of 13.10 server, I just can't get any BTRFS partition done from installer. I'm getting a: Can't create filesystem error, whenever I try to create any BTRFS partition, like the 13.10 server final installer can't handle format BTRFS partitions...

  • Am I doing something wrong? Or it's a bug in the installer? Is there anything that I can do to workaround this and get my BTRFS partition set on installation, or I'll need to work this after the installation.

I can just leave some space left and create a btrfs partition later on, with Saucy already installed and proceed to use to LXC (which is my solo purpose to have btrfs), but anyway, why installer can't do btrfs anymore?

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Look for the installer log files.

Maybe it's refusing to mkfs over an existing filesystem; the check and override flag were added to mkfs.btrfs recently.

I know you've fixed it already, but for anyone else, you can use the wipefs command to remove a filesystem signature and make a device available for partitioning (wipefs with no flags is harmless).

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  1. Find the drive that you want to install the OS on using sudo fdisk -l (in this case it was /dev/sda1 & /dev/sda2)
  2. Run wipefs with -a modifier on all of the partition on the drive that you want to install the OS on.
  3. The command should look like this sudo wipefs -a /dev/sda1 && sudo wipefs -a /dev/sda2

  4. Run the installer after you've done the wipefs.

This process has worked for me to install Ubuntu 13.10 with btrfs.

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