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I would like to create a movie DVD that contains some pictures and small movies. I'm not after anything too fancy, just the ability to add some music, create a title screen and add a menu. Basically, something like Windows Movie Maker.

What would be my best option?

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Another good alternative to Windows Movie Maker is OpenShot which has more features than pitivi but still manages to have a simple, easy to use interface. A good program for writing videos to DVD (With support for titles and menus) is DeVeDe.

Both of these applications are available to install from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

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K3b is also good at writing DVD movies. – Curious Apprentice May 7 '12 at 3:11

There's a new software for authoring DVD's, it is named Bombono. Just give a:

sudo apt-get install bombono-dvd
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tried in Oneiric beta2 but I think the interface is not compatible with GTK3... can't browse source files.. – Pisu Oct 2 '11 at 9:55

I love OpenShot and DeVeDe, but I would like to mention DVDStyler too. ;) And if you want to create photo slideshows, then go for 2ManDVD.

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You can create a video DVD using Brasero CD-creator, which you can find in the multimedia menu.

If you launch it, you can select 'make a video CD/DVD'. Then you can add movies to it.

If you want to edit your movies, you can use Pitivi, also found in the multimedia menu.

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I tried Brasero for creating DVD but it requires vcdimager and mplex plugin, and I don't find any "mplex" package... – Pisu Oct 2 '11 at 8:03

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