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I upgraded from xubuntu 13.04 to 13.10. Everything seemed fine. Then I turned the computer off... rebooted and signed in and the desktop wallpaper and icons and files on the desktop are gone. Replaced by a grey void. the top and bottom panels are still present and I can run programs from the menu or the launcher along the bottom of the screen.

If I go into settings and try to change my wallpaper it shows the correct image selected yet the desktop stays grey. I change the ocons that are to be listed on the desktop and it stays empty grey.

Please someone help me.

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do you have any conflicting Xorg packages? I had been using the oibaf PPA to get upstream Mesa stuff but they aren't building for Saucy yet so when I upgraded I had to manually go into synaptic and force the "older" versions of some of the packages which would've been installed with 13.10 by default to stop getting some graphical corruption.

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