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I'm using Ubuntu 12.04.3 with Unity and when I turned on the machine today I got the following message:

could not write bytes broken pipe ubuntu 12.04

After trying to fix this, (like reinstalling xorg) and remembering the following line:

x cannot stat /etc/x11/x (no such file or directory) aborting ubuntu 12.04

Now I can access log session, but when I type in my password and enter the log session, the system reboots in a loop, so that I still can't enter in my session.

Anyone with this problem and how to fix it?

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Can you log in using text mode? (boot, at GRUB use e . Change quiet splash to text. Then press F10). That way you can boot and try to fix things. Alternatively try logging in via X. Enter username, tab to the password field. Enter password. Press F1 instead of Return. This result in a safe X session where no windows managers are started. –  Hennes Oct 19 '13 at 15:03

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