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So I've been trying all day to get WebGL running on my Ubuntu 13.10 system, to no avail. Here is the output of my chrome://gpu page in the latest Google Chrome:

I've tried downloading and running the latest ATI Catalyst (which kills my display entirely, giving me a black screen and cursor). I've also tried enabling the propriatery drivers in the system settings. I've also disabled "Use hardware acceleration when available" in Chrome, as suggested.

I bought my Radeon HD 6450 this week, so it should be able to cope. It does seem to be compatible with WebGL, but how can I tell if the drivers in use are greater than "AMD drivers 8.98" - here is the info available to me.

Any ideas?

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Try to start Chrome/Chromium in a terminal using chromium-browser --enable-webgl --ignore-gpu-blacklist (replace chromium-browser with the name of Chrome executable) and check again chrome://gpu. – Salem Oct 18 '13 at 19:33

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