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Where I can download Ubuntu touch (Read somewhere it is already out for Galaxy nexus and Nexus 4) and is it compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4. Is there any tutorial available for the same.

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I suggest you to have a look to this answer and its links – Boris Oct 19 '13 at 7:34

Ubuntu touch is available via the ubuntu Hompage / Wiki:

Installation instructions delivered by ubuntu

Neverthe less I would suggest goint with Android / Ubuntu Dualboot first. Instructions found here:

Dual-Boot instructions

One thing to add for the instructions regarding dual-boot (after installation): If your telephone is turned of it will start Android automatically. Then you have to open you app-menu and start the ubuntu-app. From there you can click a button to shutdown and boot into Ubuntu Touch. And another thing for installation: For device unlock you have to get usb-debugging on. Therefor you have to click the build-no several times to become a developer. Then go into the new developer menu and turn on usb-debugging. After a restart and completing unlocking the device you will need to repeat that step again!

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