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Well, the thing is that I created an app with LocalStorage from QtQuick and last week it was working well until some update come.

I use the LocalStorage and the file storage.js that I downloaded from

It was working very well but since last weekend it doesn't work anymore on the phone, even I reinstalled Ubuntu Touch with the new stable version (r100) and it doesn't work but on the desktop it works.

And other thing is that now I have to install the app before trying it on the phone because if I want to run it on the phone I get an error message saying

bash: cannot set the terminal process group (-1) bash: no job control in this shell

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Well, I just installed the Ubuntu SDK PPA and updated to QtCreator 2.8 and now LocalStorage works on the phone and I can run directly on the phone without having to install it every time.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa

So I think the problem was that...

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